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Frequently Asked Questions
Ans: NAVANA LIMITED is the Exclusive Distributor of TOYOTA cars, in Bangladesh since 1964. They provide all automotive facilities including vehicle sales, service and supply of genuine spare parts.
Where can I find the general information of NAVANA LIMITED?
Ans: To find the general information of the company, please click here(About Navana Limited).
What is the difference between NAVANA and other Toyota importers in Bangladesh?
Ans: Navana Limited is the only distributor of BRAND NEW TOYOTA vehicles in Bangladesh. Brand New Toyota bought from Navana come with Toyota Motor Corporation’s Warranty and after sales services. No other vehicle importer can provide Brand new Toyota in Bangladesh.
But, I just purchased a Brand New TOYOTA vehicle from a general car Importer.
Ans: In Bangladesh, Only Navana Limited can import and sell Brand New TOYOTA cars. The “so called” brand new Toyota cars available in general markets are imported as recondition vehicle in Bangladesh. The Toyota vehicles must be used (i.e. registered and deregistered) in Japan before they can be imported to Bangladesh as old vehicles by law.
Bangladesh import law states that a used vehicle must be run at-least 1000KM and be one year old at the time of shipping. So, any Toyota outside Navana Showroom with less than 1000KM on odometer must have some manipulation.

From where can I find more information about TOYOTA?
Ans: To know more about TOYOTA, please refer to the TOYOTA GLOBAL SITE.
What is a reconditioned car?
Ans: Reconditioned car means, a car that is used and restored to a good condition, generally by repairing, renovating and rebuilding. However, the “so called” reconditioned vehicles available in our market are not TOYOTA CERTIFIED RECONDITION VEHICLES. Most of these are repaired /renovated by third parties. In most cases these repairs are done right here in Bangladesh in an ill fitted workshop.

What is the difference between reconditioned car and brand new car?
Ans: As described earlier, recondition car means a used car, restored to a good condition; on the other hand a brand new car is an absolutely new car which is unused and in oven fresh condition.
What is TOYOTA Home model car, and what is Export Model Car?
Ans: A lot of models are available in Japan but not outside Japan – they are called HOME/ DOMESTIC models. Whereas, a lot of models are not available in Japan but available in other markets – They are called Export Models.

Why TOYOTA separately makes Export Model Cars?
Ans: Toyota has one of the most expensive Research & Development investments. They research thoroughly about the road condition, fuel condition, Driver’s habit and a lot other points before introducing a model in a particular market. So, after analyzing these, they design export specific models for particular regions.

What is the country of origin of TOYOTA cars?
Ans: The country of origin of TOYOTA cars is Japan.
What is the country of manufacture of TOYTOA cars?
Ans: Toyota has different manufacturing plants through out the world. So, for a specific vehicle, it depends, in which plant the car is manufactured.
How can I apply for a job in Navana Limited?
Ans: To apply for jobs in Navana Limited, go to the career page of Navana Group.
What kind of car is AVANZA?
Ans: AVANZA is the best family car currently available in Bangladesh. Its unique options, features and looks make it the perfect family car that suits the needs of the Bangladeshi families.
What are the unique features of AVANZA?
Ans: The unique features of AVANZA are: 7 seats, Dual AC, High Ground Clearance and High maneuverability.
How are the 7 seats helpful?
Ans: The 7 seats are accommodated in three rows with the folding options for the 5 rear seats.
You can travel together with 6 more people in your car, or you can also fold seats or rows to increase luggage space in your car, thus it is helpful in different situations.

Why the Dual AC is important?
Ans: Dual AC ensures the cool air circulation from the front seat to the rear seats.

What is the minimum turning radius for AVANZA?
Ans: The minimum turning radius for the 2012 model AVANZA is, 4.7 meters.

Why do I need high ground clearance in my vehicle?
Ans: In Bangladesh the average car faces deep potholes, dirt/gravel roads, high speed breakers etc. These wear down the vehicles and are especially hard on the low ground clearance vehicles.
In the road condition of Bangladesh, High Ground Clearance of your vehicle gives you a comfortable ride as well as it ensures the longevity of your car.
What is the current Tagline for AVANZA?
Ans: The current Tagline for AVANZA is “Because I love my family”.

What is the current Price for AVANZA?
Ans: To know the current price for AVANZA please call to our hotline 09666770077.
What Is a Hybrid System?
A hybrid system combines different power sources to maximize each one's strengths, while compensating for the others' shortcomings. A gasoline-electric hybrid system, for example, combines an internal combustion engine's high-speed power with the clean efficiency and low-speed torque of an electric motor that never needs to be plugged in.
What about Toyota’s Hybrid System?
Toyota's full Hybrid system is the most popular Hybrid system in the World. It enables you to save fuel and lower your emissions without sacrificing power when you need it. Hybrid Synergy Drive is now available in many Toyota vehicles.

Are All Hybrids Created Equal?

There are several ways in which electric motors and a gas/petrol engine can be combined.
Toyota perfected the series/parallel or "full" hybrid to deliver the energy-saving benefit of a series hybrid together with the acceleration benefit of a parallel hybrid. Two key technologies — the power split device and sophisticated energy management — make this possible. They constantly optimize the flows of mechanical power and electric power for safe and comfortable vehicle operation at the highest possible efficiency.

The Full Hybrid

Toyota's unique hybrid system combines an electric motor and a gasoline engine in the most efficient manner. It saves fuel and reduces emissions while giving ample power.
*options & features showed in the picture might slightly differ from the original vehicle.